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Yea, at GLOWVILLE we love football too. Let’s talk about football.

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Some people hate football (soccer), why they do is a mystery. The haters continuously say, “It’s a sport for people with no strength,” “It’s too long and boring,” and “It’s just a bunch of fairies running around.” Now that’s just funny to hear, because it takes tremendous skill to get where the pros go.

I will explain why a lot of people can’t get enough of soccer.


Big games are one of the reasons why we watch soccer. It creates great debates and great fun. We’re always trying to find out who the superior team is, and we’re destined to be right.

Whether it’s Brazil against Argentina or Manchester United versus Chelsea, we don’t want our team to lose. Not only that, but these big matches tend to be something special that everyone can enjoy. Especially games in which we have Lionel Messi square off against Cristiano Ronaldo.

Big games usually have big expectations, and the teams can usually deliver.


Pride for your team is sticking with them, no matter what happens. Pride is not changing teams because that team has the highest chance of winning (I’m looking at you, bandwagon Miami Heat fans!). Pride is trusting your team. Whatever it is, you show pride in your team by supporting them through good and bad times.

I love my teams, Club America and the Los Angeles Lakers. So whenever somebody disrespects them, I get angry. And I’m pretty sure most fans do the same with their team. It’s the pride we have for our team. It’s the thing that separates us from casual fans.

Even if your team had a horrible season or performance in a game, you will always support that club.


The World Cup. This is something that brings a country together every four years. Even though there are a bunch of friendlies and other tournaments that your club can win, this is the one we are always hoping to capture.

The World Cup symbolizes that your country is the best at soccer in the world. It’s the number one thing to look forward to when it comes to sports, in my opinion. Forget the Super Bowl, the World Cup’s outcome tells who is the best in the world.

If your team is the best in the world, you have been entitled to brag. Humiliating your opponents is unsportsmanlike, but the pride in you says otherwise.


The sport itself is beautiful. Anyone can play the sport. It doesn’t matter if you’re scrawny and 5’2″. It doesn’t matter if you’re 6’7″ and have biceps the size of my head. It’s such a great game for anyone to play.

You don’t even need proper equipment. You can play at the beach, with a volleyball, barefoot, and have your goalposts be two backpacks. You can play by yourself, just by juggling the ball.

It’s easily the world’s sport, other than America. Which is a true shame because most people are so ignorant that they take soccer as just “another” sport. That is the biggest lie I could ever hear. It’s not just a game, it’s a passion.

Sports change us as humans. They can break down the barriers of language, race, creed and color. We can all enjoy sports together, regardless of what separates us as people. Nothing has demonstrated the equality sports can provide more than soccer.

Let us know what you think! Is soccer your favorite sport?


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