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The old saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ may have been based on scientific fact, according to a new study.

Researchers from California have proved that the best way to beat stress is to share your feelings – and sharing with someone in the same situation yields the best results. (You can be rest assured that our seasoned experts have been through lots of experience, yours will definitely not be new)

This is because sharing a threatening situation with a person in a similar emotional state ‘buffers individuals from experiencing the heightened levels of stress that typically accompany threat’, claimed the study.

It’s NATURAL to share your problems.


Sometimes, it’s always the case of ‘The More The Merrier’. We humans love to share our problems with others. We often hope that others can discuss our problems out loud so to expose the silliness of their tenors. Other times, we hold these problems within to be sacred and unalienable, as if the very existence of problems makes us adults. For now, I prefer to share. If we’re going to share we should solve our problems then we can do it together.

Teams address problems differently than even the best therapist does alone. Problems touch down upon individuals, like a car hoisted onto four cinderblocks clearly shouts for mechanics. We together scrutinize the workings and failures of any issue. Just like having an observer constantly over your shoulder, effectively arranging problems among a group is a type of curatorial process. For example, I have problems my friends might not have had. They have problems I’ve managed to avoid. Together, we can sort these and spread the problematic nature around.

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